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About GEMT                                                           

GEMT is Celebrating 2009, The Year of its 20th Anniversary

GEMT was established in California and funded by a private investment in the year of 1989.  The company was later incorporated on January 19, 1990.  The executive team was organized with a group of engineers and sales persons led by Jerry Wang, who is a graduate with a Master degree in Mechanical & Materials Engineering at Washington State University.  The primary goal of GEMT is to serve the computer industry with a comprehensive solution of data interconnection to those industrial computer manufacturers.  In the beginning, the company focused its business on board-mount connectors and custom cable assemblies for serial and parallel data transmission.  The emerging computer networking industry brought GEMT into Ethernet interconnection and SCSI world in 1990’s.  The company gradually found its niche as a supplier of the interconnecting components, adapters, and cables, for various input/output devices used to integrate computers into systems, which plays an important role when the company became a component partner of many innovative embedded system vendors.  In the meantime, GEMT is in preparation of demonstrating its engineering understandings in computer connectivity by introducing its product lines directly to the enterprise users through a more integrated model know as a business solution.



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