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Testing Equipment-LAN test(RJ45 Cable Tester(CT 156,CT256)


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RF Connectors -

1.6/5.6 Series

The 1.6/5.6 coaxial connectors introduced by GEMT is designed with reliable coaxial coupling mechanisms and also with sturdy threaded mating system well-suited for those applications requiring 75-ohm characteristic nominal impedance.  The connector is best used in both rf analog and digital signal processing with frequency ranging 0-1 GHz.  The 1.6/5.6 series features 1.6mm inner diameter and 5.6mm outer diameter of the male insulator at the mating compartment section which gives room for the center contact and fits it to the female copper shell.  1.6mm/5.6mm represents a reduced dimension comparing to the compatible BNC and TNC series (2.2mm/7.2mm instead).  The coupling of the male and female connectors is completed and ensured by their M9.0x5.0 threads mating.  Its mechanical sturdiness is commended in modern telecommunications equipements where resistance against environmental and mechanical stress is needed.  The male center pin is cast by gold-plated brass alloy which gives a resistance of 4m    .  Both center and outer female pins use gold-plated beryllium copper alloy.  The gold-plating over both male and female contacts allows 1000 matings (minimum).  The insulator is molded with Teflon and allows 5000M-ohm insulation resistance.  All other outer shells (housing) are nickel-plated die-cast brass which generates 2m-ohm resistance.






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