WIRE & HARNESS - UL 1007 & 1061 Series





SMA Series



The SMA cable assemblies manufactured in General Electronic Materials Technology use SMA series connectors genuine by GEMT and RG rated coaxial cables (with a variety of diameters).  The cable features a solid or stranded center wire, LDPE insulation, 95% overall copper braid, and smooth non-glossy PVC or plenum (PTFE) jacket.  The materials used for SMA connectors are available in brass or stainless steel.  All center contacts are gold-plated for durability and high frequency applications.  The insulator material uses Teflon.   A wide range of SMA configurations are available, which include straight or right-angle plug and jack, bulkhead, or flanged-mount.  All these SMA connectors meet MIL-C-39012 specifications.  The uniform structure of the assembly provides excellent phase stability and low attenuation.  The precise 50-ohm impedance design (per MIL-STD-348) through the whole assembly offers a low insertion and return loss and assures its high-speed performance.  The assembly with brass version SMA connectors operates with low VSWR (under 1.2F) to 12GHz.  These sturdy cable assemblies are integrated to systems in many applications include test and measurement, medical instrumentation, satellite and telecommunications, automotive, and wireless infrastructure.