(body3)Testing& Equipment-Network Cable Tester(CT150)

Network (8P8C Unshielded RJ45) Cable Tester (CT-150) 

CT-150 is a cost-effective single-piece network cable tester, hand-held for field work.  The tester provides instant results for most of those network cables which use unshielded twisted pairs (utp) and the cables are terminated with RJ45 (8p8c) modular plugs and wired with one of popular pin-outs, including TIA 568, AT&T 258A eight-wire systems (equivalent to TIA568), AT&T 356A six-wire systems, and 10Base-T Ethernet wiring (four-wire systems).  The tester unit contains a light-weight plastic enclosure built with two unshielded RJ45 jacks, four dual-color (red and green) LED indicators, and an 8-circuit DIP switch, and eight pieces of jumper wires (included).  A 9-volt alkaline D battery (not included) is required to operate the tester.                                                                                    

 The four LED indicators tell the test result (green for good continuity, red for short or mis-wired circuit, no-light for open circuit or not in use).  The 8 DIP switches are used to program a custom pin-configuration other than those popular pin-outs mentioned above.  A faulty cable can be re-examined by re-configuring the DIP switches with jumper wires to verify the fault.  Without a pin-configuration re-programming, a good cross-over wired cable will receive an identical result the same as a good straight-through wired cable.  Two units may work together to perform a loop-back test when a cable is pre-installed in a building or pulled to a remote place.

Main Unit:

TEST PORT          1 x unshielded RJ-45 (8p8c)   jack (transmitting, tx)

                           1 x unshielded RJ45 (8p8c) jack (receiving, rx)

DISPLAY               4 x dual-color (green/red) LEDs

                          (corresponding to 4 twisted-pair circuits)

TEST                    steady (and instant) test result

POWER                 1 x 9-volt battery (not included)



WIRE                     8 x jumper wires (2-inch, 24 awg)

POUCH                  1 x black simulated leather carrying pouch


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