Two-Channel thermocouple(TC)

 data logger (model: R2-6C4)



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     two-channel thermocouple (TC) data logger (model: R2-6C4)

Our two-channel thermocouple (TC) data logger (model: R2-6C4) is a light-weight portable (miniature size: 10.6x6.6x2.5cm) temperature monitor (waterproof level: IP66), which records the ambient temperatures periodically via temperature sensor or thermocouple over a wide temperature range and creates a safety and security solution to monitoring the temperature change status of a perishable goods (such as fresh produces, seafood, meat, dairy, or chemicals and medicines) during a transportation process.  Its 16-bit A/D resolution is supported with a large screen 4-1/2 digit 19999 dual LCD display.  The frequency of measurement ranges from 1-second to 24-hour intervals.  The 9-section reservation recording allows the user to program the measurements for everyday or every other (or specific) day.  A record size up to 80,000 entries per channel can be easily infrared-transmitted to a user-friendly Window software via a USB or an RS232 interface.  The precision sensor gives accuracy to +/- 0.6C (thermocouple: +/- 0.15% rdg +0.5C).  The durable battery allows an average usage life of 3 years (at measuring rate: 15 minute).  Other accessory functions include 5-level battery life and symbols, alarm, Hi/Lo, Max/Min, displayed on LCD.  OEM and ODM are available with volume orders.  General Electronic Materials Technology, www.gemt.net.